Automated equipment for manufacturing wood panels

We plan, manufacture and automate complete board finishing lines for diverse engineered-wood products and requirements. From sawing technology for panel splitting and trimming, through cooling right up to stacking of finished panels, our efficient and economical facilities operate fully automatically for your manufacturing process. In addition to tailored finishing lines for fast production of thin panels, our offer includes flexible special solutions, for example, star revolver for panel cooling, stacking transports and storage systems.

Our finishing lines for wooden panels can be used in the manufacture oft he following product types:

  • Chipboard
  • OSB panels
  • MDF panels
  • LVL panels
  • Further high-grade products

Kühlstern Holzplattenfertigung

Panel segmenting and trimming saws

Based on many years of experience in wood panel technology, we offer special expertise in trimming, diagonal and segmenting saws for the production of boards as well as coated panels. From simple diagonal saws to 6-fold multi-head diagonal saws, we offer the right solution for all applications.