Matches systems for storing large stacks

We plan, produce and automate storage systems for the most diverse requirements. Whether floor-based storage systems for panel stacks or high-bay racks for panels or paper pallet stacks, optimum logistics and space-saving solutions are always in the foreground. A special feature here is the high load-bearing capacity of our rail-bound floor conveyors as well as our rack access equipment designed for transport of loads of up to more than 60 tons.

Lagersysteme Dieffenbacher

1. Stack transport systems (STS) with fluid-based rack aisles

Through close planning together with our customers, for example, our panel stack storage systems with integrated stack transport systems offer individual solutions for the most diverse tasks. We offer the possibility of optimally fitting the systems into existing spatial environments to maximize storage capacity. The storage concepts can be realized by means of one or more STS shuttle wagons according to FIFO (first in, first out) or LIFO (last in, first out).

2. High-bay storage systems with storage and retrieval units

We offer you individual solutions for the most diverse high-bay storage systems. An automatic control system here manages the entire logistics involving different stacks of paper, boards and/or finished panels. For us, the optimal concept for the customer is always in the foreground, whether as an individual or integrated, fully automated solution, whether in conjunction with new or existent laminating equipment or other types of equipment. We plan, produce and automate storage systems according to your wishes. As needed, the integrated warehouse management system offers various interfaces to other ERP systems.