With over 20 years of experience in LVL production technology, we plan, manufacture and automate facilities for manufacturing the latest plywood and LVL products. Our core competence here is laying of veneer. In association with Diefffenbacher Maschinen und Anlagenbau GmbH, we supply complete facilities with continuous presses. Our facilities have been continually advanced and optimized. When planning facilities for our customers, we always consider their wishes and local requirements in order to achieve tailored, individual solutions. Our portfolio also encompasses individual handling tasks in the area of veneer laying as well as the automation and modernization of existing facilities.

Sperrhold und LVL-Fertigung

Our plywood and LVL facilities can be used, inter alia, fort he following types of manufacture:

  • Continuous LVL and plywood productionn
  • Discontinuous LVL and plywood production