Efficient and reliable surface technology

Our short-cycle laminating facilities comprise cutting-edge technology. We use a laminating technique whose high quality and economy have proven themselves in the furniture and flooring industry. The laminating equipment is used for chipboard, MDF, plywood, multi-layer boards as substrate, and much more. Your surface protection is thus ensured.

When designing facilities for our customers, we always consider their wishes and local requirements in order to achieve tailored, individual solutions. Our portfolio also encompasses individual handling tasks involving boards and finished panels, as well as automation and modernization of existent, short-cycle laminating facilities.

Short-cycle laminating can be used to coat the following products, for example:

  • Furniture construction panels made of solid wood, oak, beech and other types of wood
  • High-gloss surfaces
  • Congruently embossed surfaces
  • Worktops
  • Floor laminate
  • Wood panels for walls and ceilings
  • Further high-grade products


1. Short-Cycle laminating facility

Our fully automatic short-cycle laminating facilities are meant for laminating floor panels and furniture construction panels with paper impregnated with melamine resin.

Surface laminating starts with automatic feeding of raw material such as boards and paper stacks. Then the press packets are laid, the layout here being variable. The product is pressed in the core process of our hydraulic short-cycle press. The facilities have proven themselves through fast and accurate pressing of various products. This is particularly important for the embossed-in-register (EIR) process which ensures congruent pressing and laminating of decorative and structured surfaces. The presses are characterised by medium to high operating pressures. Short cycle times allow efficient production processes. The pressed product is automatically trimmed on all sides and stacked. On demand, we offer the laminating systems with inline segmenting saws.

  • High pressures of up to 10 N/mm2
  • Short cycle-times of up to 250 cycles / hour
  • Short pressure build-up times

2. Powder-laminating facilities

Powder laminating is a special, newly developed method of surface laminating with short-cycle presses. For application on the panels, the special equipment uses a special resin powder instead of the usual melamine paper.

The final product has an extremely durable surface.The product spectrum can be supplemented with processing of genuine wood veneers.

3. Strapping lines

Integrated, commercially proven strapping machines strap stacks of finished, coated and uncoated panels. Stacks can be added and removed by means of a fork lift as well as automated connection to traversing carriages and storage systems. The strapping process can be implemented individually, or combined and automated with further plant processes.

4. Storage systems for film and panel stacks

Our high-bay and cantilever storage systems for film and panel stacks are controlled simply by means of storage and retrieval units. A corresponding, automated warehouse management system and warehouse logistics with various external interfaces are used for organization. Existing transport systems can be connected automatically.